LS Swap Ready PCM’s

Visit the store page at lowbuckls.com/store. I am now offering Powertrain Control Modules (PCM’s) programmed with the following modifications for standalone operation (Off-road use only. Not for use on emissions-controlled vehicles:) This PCM comes with a base tune suitable for the stock camshaft and injectors. We don’t currently offer tunes for aftermarket camshafts or injectors. … Read more

Junkyard LS Cheat Sheet

Hi guys, Here’s the cheat sheet that I mentioned in my video on cruising the junkyard for LS engines from home using Row52. This sheet can be referred to when you are looking at the 8th digit of the VIN of donor vehicles to determine what engine is in the vehicle. It also has a … Read more

VX Manager Files for VCX Nano

Here are the latest working installation files that I have for the VX Manager software that goes along with the VCX Nano diagnostic tool, since the download for the latest version on the manufacturer’s website isn’t working. You can see a video on how to use this file and install and use the VCX Nano … Read more

RussK Idle Config Files

Here are the files that go along with my YouTube video about using the RussK idle config to get your base running airflow dialed in after a cam swap: The video can be seen here:

The Evolution of the Vortec Truck Engine

In this weeks post, we’re going to talk about the evolution of the LS-based Vortec Chevy 4.8, 5.3 and 6.0L truck engines through Gen 3 and Gen 4. We’ll cover the following topics: As usual, I want my content to be accurate, and I do my best to make sure it’s technically correct, but if … Read more