VX Manager Files for VCX Nano

Here are the latest working installation files that I have for the VX Manager software that goes along with the VCX Nano diagnostic tool, since the download for the latest version on the manufacturer’s website isn’t working.

You can see a video on how to use this file and install and use the VCX Nano diagnostic tool with it’s TEC2WIN function to perform diagnostics on you GM vehicle here:

5 thoughts on “VX Manager Files for VCX Nano”

  1. Question: I purchased the VXDIAG Nano and set it up with no problems. Purchased the 24 mon vehicle programming software from AC Delco but, it only says available not active any hints on getting it to active? BCM issue on 07 Avalanche. Really enjoy the videos, they give me the confidence to work on mechanical issues I would have never tried without them.

    Thanks, Pat

  2. hi
    i bought an vcx nano but my installation disk came broken. is there any way you could sell me the disk files please



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