LS Swap Ready PCM’s

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I am now offering Powertrain Control Modules (PCM’s) programmed with the following modifications for standalone operation (Off-road use only. Not for use on emissions-controlled vehicles:)

  • Your choice of 4.8L, 5.3L or 6.0L engine programming
  • Your choice of 4L60E, 4L80E, TH350, TH400 or manual transmission programming
  • Vehicle Anti Theft System (VATS) disabled
  • EGR and Air Pump functions and DTC’s removed
  • Rear O2 Sensor functions and DTC’s removed
  • EGR and Air Pump functions and DTC’s removed
  • EVAP functions and DTC’s removed
  • Catalytic Converter functions and DTC’s removed
  • Electric Fan functions enabled with your choice of temperature settings
  • Speed limiter or governor functions removed

This PCM comes with a base tune suitable for the stock camshaft and injectors. We don’t currently offer tunes for aftermarket camshafts or injectors.

This PCM comes with a money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with this purchase for any reason, return the product for a full refund.

I also offer PCM reprogramming services if you’d like to send your PCM for modification.

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3 thoughts on “LS Swap Ready PCM’s”

  1. Ok, this is Brad H., I was at work and couldn’t really talk. But I’m home now, and I am ready to load you down with questions.
    I need to change my valve springs kind of badly, and I was looking on you tube to get directions. I used to be an engine builder, and I was in a car accident and lost my self confidence.
    I need to know; is taking off the coil packs really difficult; to remember how they go back in place? I worked on old car motors, so the new stuff is kind of foreign to me! I have a foot pounds torque wrench, and an inch pounds torque wrench, so I don’t have to be too afraid of over torqueing the rocker arms, and drilling out the bolt. The truck is a 2009 GMC Sierra WT, so its pretty close to your Sierra. Its the short box though…I have no space behind the driver for my dog.
    The first question is those coil packs, are they really hard to put them back?
    I’m putting a Elgin Stage 2 cam in this truck, but that’s later, right now I really need valve springs.
    The first question is those coil pack’s. Please explain those first, Thank you in advance.

    • The coil packs come off as a group, just pull the wires off the coils, { its easier than pulling off the plugs},un plug the coils at the main plug, and remove the 5 nuts or bolts holding the coil bracket to the rocker cover.
      Cam swaps on LS engines require removing the cylinder heads, front cover, and possibly lowering the oil pan to unhook the pickup tube from the pump, to acess the chain and gears.
      The head bolts are not reusable, as they are torque to yield style, and they are different based on Generation

  2. I want to buy a PCM. I have a Elgin aftermatket cam.
    If I use “uniersal patcher.net, will this walk me through this application?


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